April 27, 2018

Guitar Chords: Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Zindagi, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

Guitar Chords: Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Zindagi, Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

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Rashid Ali

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Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Zindagi(Chords)

Year: 2008 – Movie : Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na KEY: [Gm]


[Gm] – 333553
[Cm] – 34553X
[F] – 112331


The starting interlude has to be strummed as well as muted. Considering it to be a 3-beat sequence, hit the chord DOWN twice and then instead of striking on the 3rd beat, just mute the chord. That should produce the desired effect. If you find a better way, do tell me. The interlude chords are as below:

The above steps has to be done for each instance of the chord in the interlude. Now the song starts…

Kabhi ka[Gm]bhi Aditi zinda[Gm]gi mein yuhi koi [Cm]apna lagta hai.
Kabhi ka[Gm]bhi Aditi wo bich[Gm]har jaaye to ek [Cm]sapna lagta hai.
Aise mei koi [Gm]kaise apne [Gm]aansu o ko [Cm]behne se roke?
Aur [F]kaise koi sochle every[Gm]thing’s gonna be ok?

The first two lines of the above stanza can be played without continuous strumming i.e. by just playing the interlude.

Kabhi ka[Gm]bhi to lage zinda[Gm]gi mein rahi naa khu[Cm]shi aur naa mazaa.
Kabhi ka[Gm]bhi to lage har [Gm]din mushkil aur [Cm]har pal ek sazaa.
Aise mein koi [Gm]kaise musku[Gm]raye, kaise [Cm]hasde khush hoke?
Aur [F]kaise koi soch de every[Gm]thing gonna be ok?
The INTERLUDE is played again once but it is delayed by half a bar.
[A#]Soch jara jaane[Cm]ja tujhko hum [A#]kitna chahte hai.
[Gm]Rotein hai hum bhi a[F]gar teri ankhon mein [A#]aansu aate hai.
[Gm]Gaane to aata na[Cm]hi hai magar phir [Cm]bhi hum gaate hai[Gm].
Ke Aditi [Cm]maan kabhi, kabhi [Cm]saare jahan mein an[F]dhera hota hai;
Lekin [Cm]raat ke [Gm]baad hi to sa[F]vera hota hai[F].
More repeat of INTERLUDE and chord progressions…
[A#]Tu khush hai to la[Cm]ge ke jahan mein [A#]chhaayi hai khushi.
[Gm]Suraj nikle [F]baadlon se aur [Gm]baatein zindagi.
[Gm]Suun to jara mad[Cm]hosh hawa tujh[Cm]se kehne la[Gm]gi.
Ke Aditi [Cm]wo jo bichhad-te hai [Cm]ek na ek din [F]phir mil jaate hai;
Aditi [Cm]jaane tu ya [Gm]jaane na phool [F]phir khil jaate hai[F]

Credit and Source ABHINAVSONKAR

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