September 24, 2018

Buying Your First Guitar,A Brief About Which Guitar We Should Buy

Buying Your First Guitar,A Brief About Which Guitar We Should Buy

So finally you’ve decided to learn the guitar 🙂 so what next? Of-course buying a new guitar to start with, but the question is which guitar we should buy? Well that’s why we’re here to help you out with your first guitar. We will discuss few things which will help you with buying your first guitar.

Keeping this tutorial very short I would illustrate a few thing that you all should keep in mind.

which guitar should buyWhich Guitar Should Buy? This very depends on what kind of style you want to play. For the new comers it is suggestible to go for a simple acoustic guitar, as this one is the best for practice when you’re on your initial stage of learning. Mainly there are three type of guitars available in market:

1. Acoustic : Produce very big and melodious sound, it use steel string

acoustic guitar

2.Classical : In design very similar to acoustic the only difference of sound, it use nylon string

classical guitar

3.Electric : As it appear with name electric guitar need some electric equipment to generate sound through the guitar like processor,amplifier etc.

electric guitar






guitar sizeWhat size of guitar I should buy? Size of guitar does matter, it can be look awkward if you’re caring a very big or a very small guitar than your physical appearance, as well it also make impact to your performance, it become difficult to handle or play the guitar.A tale person should go for a big guitar and the average size people should go for medium size guitar. For kids there are different size guitar available.Try several guitars in sitting and standing position and go for which makes you feel comfortable to hold and play.

color of guitarWhat Color of guitar? That’s slowly of your choice, so you decide;)

spend money guitarHow much should i spend? No doubt expensive guitars have better tone, durable and easier to play but as a starter you should buy a average price guitar, you can get a decent one in range of around INR 5000.00 to 10000.00 ($ 100 to 200), Yamaha, for instance, makes nice guitars at very reasonable price and they are very durable. Besides there’re many famous companies (Fender,Gibson,Givson etc.) making nice guitars at very reasonable price.

Hope the above comprehensive view have given you idea about what you’re looking for. while everyone has their own choice and personal preferences the decision also be their only, but as a teacher I prefer going for a average budget,branded acoustic guitar, that’s best for the new comers.

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