July 15, 2018

What Guitar Accessories We Should Buy

What Guitar Accessories We Should Buy

Buying a guitar won’t be enough, you would also need few essential guitar accessories that you should own:

Guitar Strap : A guitar strap is the most essential accessory that each guitarist should have one, this can be of leather or synthetic leather.It helps you to hold your guitar via shoulders and in both sitting and standing position. This will also help you to hold your guitar in right position.


guitar belt

Picks : A guitarist should always own spares of picks in various of size and weight. For a beginner it is suggestible to keep the thinner picks, it help you with playing strumming easily.

guitar picks

Tuner : A guitar tuner is must have accessory to get your guitar tune fast and perfect.However you should learn your self to tune the guitar without a tuner, but at the starting phase you should have help of a guitar tuner. If you’re having a iPhone or android phone than there’s several apps are available online that give functionality to to tune your guitar. In case if you’re having a inbuilt tuner in your guitar than you can skip this accessory.

guitar tuner

Guitar strings: keeping spare guitar strings is a good idea.This would be useful when you’re giving a performance and one of your guitar string get break, by having a spare one you can replace the old string. Always go for a little more expensive guitar string as this go durable and sound well.


guitar strings

Strap Locks: If you’re buying a strap than also consider buying a strap locks, this give a security to your guitar, push your guitar in any direction and your strap will always remain locked on to the guitar, this can save your guitar to get through any accident


strap lock



Metronome: This is the most important accessories that a beginner student should always keep, its a device which produce a regular beats, this help you a lot to keep your self in rhythm and beat


.guitar metronome
Stand: Guitar safety is must, a guitar stand give protection to you, and also that way your guitar would always be in your eye,which will encourage you play it frequently.

guitar stands


Capo : Capo is the device which allow you to switch your guitar’s current pitch of open string by putting it to the fret-board. You can use it to change the key of song, which usually very difficult part to do.


guitar capo
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