July 16, 2018

Guitar Anatomy Know About Guitar Parts

Guitar Anatomy – Know About Guitar Parts

Before you start playing this beautiful instrument shouldn’t you know a little about its anatomy? Well this lesson will give you a brief introduction of guitar:

Both Acoustic and Electric guitars have the same design and look, they are made using the same approach and principle and have very similar construction, despite a little difference in tone production and the mechanism to getting the sound.

Here is a brief of guitar’s various parts and what they do :

Back: As appear with name its the back part of the guitar that holds side in place, made of two or three pieces of wood

Body:Body is the well shaped box which is the base for the bridge and the whole neck is attached with it. It also give the playing surface for right hand, it also include the sound chamber and hub to set other sound processing device.

Bridge: A base where you anchor your string

End Pin:A metal knob where you connect the rear end of your strap its also being used as sound output jack in newly coming guitars.

Finger Board:A flat and plan surface,where you place your left hand fingers to produce the notes and chords.

Frets: Fret is the bars on Finger Board which, its actually seprated point which produce sound in different pitch.

Head-stock: The end corner of neck where the string rest and give terminal to tune the guitar.

Neck:A long and shaped wooden piece that connect the body and Head-stock.

Nut:A round metal piece at the end of the head-stock

Sides: A well shaped curved wooden pieces on the body

Strap Pin: Pin to connect the another end of strap

Strings: The six metal wires that, drawn taut,produce the notes on guitar

Top:The face of the guitar that also call sounding board

Tuning mechanism: A mechanism which raise and lower the tension of strings so you can set the on different pitches.

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