September 24, 2018

How to Practice Your Guitar

How to Practice Your Guitar

What is the better approach to practice out with your guitar? With this article we’re going to discuss how to practice your guitar in right way, what could be the right approach to schedule and organize your guitar practice.

Nothing is difficult if you practice correctly and on constant basis. If you really want to learn guitar than you have to find time and have to practice on regular basis.Its really important for you to schedule your guitar time and be on that, cause the constant practice is only going to pay you. Here I would list few tips which should be kept in mind and followed:

1. Be slow and steady, there’s nothing like being hurry for, the more slowly and steadily you practice the more fruitful result you get.

2. Take one lesson and practice it only until you get comfortable with that and get command over that.

3. Whatever you practice do it correctly, its really important cause wrong practice can form a bad habit which on later basis can be difficult to leave

4.Practice what you can’t do not that you can do

5.You can practice a little everyday but not a lot in one day, cause building never built in a day

6.Try to get good sound

7.Play freely don’t let your mind make any intervene between your playing

8.Try to be in rhythm, you can try your beat meter

9.keep the track of what you’ve learnt and keep going further as soon as you clear one element correctly

10.Keep your self motivated, as this routine practice at starting phase can be seems a little boring and chances you give up, so just keep your self saying ‘Yes! I can do it’

so these are the thing which you should all follow and am sure you’ll be the rock star:)


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